Name: Dr. Omar Hegazy
E-mail: omarhegazy87@hotmail.com
March 2013 (Passed 1st attempt)

Rcogway is the way to success. I was intimidated by the idea that no one passes from their first time, but as a rookie, I found the course to be the best, because it provides you the required knowledge for the test and more importantly to pursue your career. Dr.Mohsen Attia is to be highly commended for his skills and efforts to assist students like myself and I would have never done it without him.

Name: Dr Ahmed Eldash
E-mail: drhmada@hotmail.com
March 2008 (Passed 1st attempt)
Dear Dr. Mohsen: 1st of all thank u for your effort along 5 months. your course & paper were great & useful. I think the fees were fair as regard your effort & your paper but I think the paper need more information as the curriculum has been changed with more question in statistics & pathology & there were question based on practice in Obs & Gyn. at the end a lot of thanks & hope with successful life. Don't forget to finish your paper for part 2 for us
Name: Dr Priti Wadera
E-mail: drpriti6@gmail.com
Exam: March 2008 (Passed 1st attempt)
rcogway part 1 notes have been very helpful in making me pass in the first attempt as in the end concise notes are needed for the ultimate revision. I can say safely that it covers 90-95% of the exam. Thanks Dr Attiya .I hope that you can finalize similar notes for the part 2 also.
Name: Ramy Abdelmohsen
E-mail: shadyabd@hotmail.com
Exam: March 2007 (Passed 1st attempt)
Thanks God , I cannot believe that i passed from the first attempt, really it was surprise for me. And thank you very much Dr. Mohsen, really this success was all by your effort and your valuable advice , The notes were wonderful and the exams you made for us were very useful and were a good training for the exam, and thank you for your kindness as the first call to congratulate me was from you.
There are no words to express my feelings towards you, THANKS again.
Name: Sherif Medhat
Exam: March 2007 (Passed 1st attempt)
Dear Dr Mohsen, At first i thank GOD then i thank u for your kindness, you treated us friendly, did a great effort in every piece of information & in answering every MCQ , you were always there when we needed you. I thank u for the notes are marvelous, it is updated till the last exam with alot of colored pictures & tables. I enjoyed studying from it. I tryied to study at first alone from the recommended books but it was so hard & it took alot of effort & time but with no satisfaction. The course is GREAT it saved me & put me on the right path. During the exam i felt like i almost know all the answers even for the new MCQs. I really appreciate your course. It's the best course to pass the MRCOG from the first attempt.
Name: Doaa Ibrahim
Exam: 2006 Course (Didn't pass)
My dear Dr ,I am so sorry as I didn't pass I know it is my fault but every thing happened before my exam was out of my hands. you did your best with us and treated us so friendly. The course covers all MCQs in paper one and more than 97% of MCQs of paper tow, really the course was very effective. Every information is up to date and you always search so carefully from books recommended by royal collage before telling us a new information. I trust the course and I will enter again at march 2006,I promise you that I will study hard your course again. many thanks for you Dr and I will do my best to make you happy as my friends did.
N.B. Dr. Doaa passed in the next March exam.
Name: Noura Nour El-din
Exam: 2006 Course (Passed)
Thanks DR for your effort with us. all candidates of the course felt that the exam was so easy. your notes covering nearly all the exam about 99% was covered. You treat us friendly. Ready at any time to answer our questions. every information is up to date. you answered all past papers for us. searching for every information before telling it to us. I think it's the best course in the world. it's my 1st time to attend the exam but now i feel that the course is trustable. any one attend the course can pass at 1st time if he was serious and carries out your precious advices. Really thanks.
Many thanks for you ,with your course it is not impossible to pass at 1st time.i advice everyone who will attend the exam to take the course for saving his time .attend regularly for all chapters, the notes is more than enough and up to date. CONGRATULATION ,THE COURSE IS SUCCESSFUL
Name: Shereen Awad El-Haddad
Exam: 2006 Course (Passed)
I definitely needed such course, it saved me time and effort, instead; I'd be drowning among textbooks.
Dr mohsen has paid an extra ordinary effort in making these notes, which gathered every single minute detail needed for the course in it, that I needed no other book to study from, never less than his efforts & hanging on during teaching us.
And whenever you need him, he'll be there for you!
Thank you very much Dr. Mohsen for everything!!
Name: Farah Zuhair
Exam: September 2005
Dear Dr. Mohsen I did very well in the exam thank God and thank you Dr. for paper one it was about physiology, genetics ..... all of it were from your notes and mostly from the past paper, for paper two which are Anatomy, pharmacology...... all of it were from your notes as well and just a little bit from the past paper, i think there were only three or four questions out of your notes, truthfully i am satisfied about my self, thanks again for your devotion and your support.
Name :Farah wahab
Exam: September 2005
A remarkable work to give support to deserving students .I appreciate your task and wish you tremendous success in this respect .All the best